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“UK Government Updates Shortage Occupation List to Include Overseas Construction workers, Carpenters”

Construction worker in UK

The UK government has updated its shortage occupation list to include International construction workers, and carpenters, making it easier for them to obtain skilled worker visas and work in the UK.

The change is not expected to affect overall migration figures significantly, but it does reflect the growing demand for skilled workers in the construction industry. According to the Migration Advisory Committee (MAC), which recommended the change, there has been a 65% increase in construction vacancies compared to pre-pandemic levels.

In order to qualify for the shortage occupation list, an occupation must make up more than 0.5% of the sector workforce and earn below the current general threshold for migrants, which stands at £26,200. The MAC also considers the strategic importance of the occupation for the UK economy and how its workforce is likely to change in the next decade, with demand for skilled builders and carpenters likely to increase markedly.

This update is great news if you are a builder or carpenter looking to work in the UK. It’s also a positive sign for the UK construction industry, which is facing a shortage of skilled workers. With this change, more overseas builders and carpenters will be able to come to the UK and contribute their skills to the economy.

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Further information will be updated on UK Gov

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